Hands On Clinical Training

Modern Dental AssistingAre you looking for Dental Assisting Schools in Colorado where you learn by doing?

The Colorado School of Dental Assisting offers a 10-week, fast-track, certification course enabling students to quickly and affordably acquire the skills and the certification necessary to be employed as a dental assistant. Over 50% of the course is focused on hands on training in a working general and specialty dental office. You’ll be given ample access to state-of-the art dental equipment (e.g., digital x-rays, paperless offices) to ensure you are well equipped to embark in the hands-on career in dental assisting. Internship opportunities are made available to top performers. This allows the students the opportunity to experience dentistry from “the other side of the chair”, and many students have even been employed through their internships.

AssistanceAfter the successful completion of the course you’ll receive a

  • Certificate In Dental Assisting
  • Letter of recommendation (requires specific letter grade performance)
  • Complimentary set of scrubs to prepare you to work in a dental office
  • Radiographic x-ray certification
  • CPR/Basic Life Support certification
  • Access to real employers for resume writing support
  • Internship opportunities available to top performers

Affordable Accelerated 10 Week Program

Why pay Dental Assisting Schools $10,000 or more for a 10-12 month program where you don’t gain access to training in a real working dental and specialty office? Why not look for a program where you can…

  • Pay 60% less money saving yourself $6,000 or more
  • Spend 60% less time saving yourself valuable time to enable you to continue to work full time or spend time with your family
  • Train in a real working general and specialty dental office facilities every class

If this sounds appealing, the Colorado Dental Assisting School might just be the option for you. Our programs are:

  • 10 week courses with either weekend or evening options available
    • Meet once a week on Saturdays from 8AM-5PM or
    • Meet twice a week during the weekday from 6PM-10PM
  • Cost only $3,995 saving you $6,000 or more relative to competitive Dental Assisting Schools with 10+ month programs

Elite Instructors

Why consider attending dental assisting schools in Colorado where the instructors no longer work in the dental field? All our dental instructors fit the following strict criteria putting them in an elite category of dental assistant professionals…

  • Received their Expanded Duties Dental Assistant certification giving them advance training in the field of dental assisting
  • Have over 10 years of dental assisting experience or have held the position of a dental assisting team leader for a larger multi-doctor practice
  • Assisted specialist dentists at some point in the career (i.e., orthodontists, periodontists, oral surgeon, pediatric dentist, or endodontist)
  • Received an average 9 out of 10 rating on their student evaluation forms (i.e., periodically provide students anonymous opportunities to provide feedback to instructors)

Exposure to Dental TrainingExposure to Specialty Training

The Colorado Dental Assisting School is the ONLY Dental Assisting School in Colorado where the instructors work in real life not just with general dentists but also orthodontists, endodontists (root canal specialists), peridontists (gum specialists), and oral surgeons. Our instructors have ‘wet finger’ experience working in both the general and specialist dentist arenas. Having experience working in specialty arenas expands your career opportunities to work not only with general & cosmetic dentists but also specialists (orthodontists, periodontists, oral surgeons, endodontists).


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