Benefits of working as a dental assistant

January 26, 2015
Dental Assisting Schools In Denver

Financial Rewards of Dental Assisting

Six Amazing Benefits of Working as a Dental Assistant

Upon first glance, it seems like dental assistants have it all when it comes to the healthcare profession. After all, they do enjoy among the highest job security rates and are within an industry where demand is always increasing!

But what many future dental assistants don’t realize is that in addition to earning an annual salary above the national average, they’ll also have access to additional employment benefits that make this career choice even more valuable.

Additional Reasons to Become a Dental Assistant

You’re interested in becoming a dental assistant for all the right reasons: a hands-on working environment, regular working hours in the healthcare industry, and, of course, the potential to transform the lives of your patients.

Luckily, you can do all of this while accessing additional benefits as well. According to the Dental Assistant National Board’s most recent salary survey, a sizable amount of dental assistants reap amazing benefits like:

  • Paid Vacation Benefits – A reported 85% of dental assistants receive paid vacation time.
  • Major Medical Insurance – Insurance can be extremely costly. 57% of dental assistants receive major medical insurance, meaning that you could as well!
  • 401(k) or Pension Plan – 61% of dental assistants receive a 401(k) or pension plan, setting them up for a successful, financially secure future.
  • Free Dental Care – Just over half of dental assistants, 53% to be exact, receive free dental care.
  • Paid Sick Leave – If you’re ever sick and can’t come in to work, you might be like 61% of dental assistants that can take paid sick leave.
  • Paid Holidays – A staggering 82% of dental assistants receive paid holidays, allowing you to spend time with family and friends while still making money.

Additionally, many practices offer incentives to those who offer premium performance in the workplace. This means that you could earn between a 5% and 20% bonus compensation package for simply showing up to work and doing what you love every day.

Begin Your Training at One of the Dental Assisting Schools in Denver

There are many premier dental assisting schools in Denver and if you’ve been considering a career as a dental assistant, any are a great choice to get your career started!

Once you do, you too can begin to reap the valuable benefits you stand to gain through your rewarding, engaging career as a dental assistant.

Financial Rewards of Dental Assisting

Financial Rewards of Dental Assisting