Dental Assistants vs. Medical Assistants

February 26, 2015

Dental Assistants vs. Medical Assistants: Which Career Offers the Best Benefits?

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Dental Assistants vs. Medical Assistants

Dental Assistants Versus Medical Assistants

If you’ve been considering entering the healthcare industry as an assistant, there are a lot of decisions you have to make. Of course, your interests are important, but what about the other measurable benefits of choosing one career over another?

After all, the salaries, hours, and opportunities for advancement are often quite different depending upon which industry you choose to enter. And, if you’re like many other professionals, you’ve probably considered a career both as a dental assistant and a medical assistant.

But, are the benefits really that different for these two careers? The answer might surprise you!

Dental Assistants Earn an Annual Median Pay $5,000 Higher Than Medical Assistants

Many assume that becoming a medical assistant will have a greater payoff in terms of salaries but the median pay suggests otherwise. In fact, dental assistants earn an impressive $34,500 per year median pay whereas medical assistants earn just $29,370.

And, because you can become a dental assistant in as little as 10 weeks at dental assisting schools in Denver, you too can experience this distinct benefit rather quickly!

Dental Assistants Work More Regular Hours and Almost Always Enjoy Holidays Off

Hospitals and some medical practices run around the clock. As such, medical assistants are often forced to work evening, weekend, and holiday shifts.

However, dental assistants often enjoy regular working hours from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. during weekdays. Additionally, many dental assistants enjoy weekends and holidays off too, adding further benefits to already predictable and manageable hours.

Dental Assistants Enjoy Greater Opportunities for Growth as Their Careers Progress

It’s not so common for medical assistants to run a medical office one day but what about dental assistants? They’re often the professionals that are able to run a dental office as they progress in their careers.

This leads to fulfilling growth that shows marked advancement in the field, leading many dental assistants to feel a sense of accomplishment that medical assistants simply don’t.

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