Here’s what our students are saying:

Hope all is well! I’m currently working at [dental office]. It was a little hard at first, just because of how long it took for me to find a job. I’ve gotten the hang of it now and I’m going on my first month. I love being a DA! Thank you guys for everything!!
— TJ,  Graduate
I got a job!! I started working for [dental office] and it’s been wonderful so far!
— EW, Graduate
Just wanted to let you know I did get a job. I work for [dental office] where my externship was and I even was a temp for them for a few months before I got hired on. I love it there and I work with amazing people.
— CA,  Graduate
Sorry I didn’t get in touch with you! Yes I’m working at [dental office]! So far I love it, I work for 4 Doctors all of them are so awesome we are 12 dental Assistant and I love working with them. Thank you so much for your help and checking on me!
—  Graduate
I’ve been working at [dental office] since January and I love it! Thanks for the information! I appreciate it 🙂
— LC,  Graduate
I got a call today about doing a paid internship at [dental office]! I’m excited I start tomorrow.
— Graduate
I was hired at [dental office] in Pueblo! It’s only 5 minutes away from my house, which is so much nicer than the hour I was driving for my previous job!
—  Graduate
Hey ! I got the job I was telling you about !!! I was hoping you could send me my CPR card or certificate ? I don’t think I ever got it. Let me know !
— TN
I just love my new career. I can’t thank you enough for your inspiring 10 weeks of training. You’ve changed my life” — CT

Wow, the course and instructors were fantastic, it went by so fast. Thanks for helping me find the perfect office. I’m on my way in my dream job.” — MB

Thanks for opening doors for people like myself who have dreamed about becoming a dental assistant.” — RM

The instructors could not have been more helpful and patient. I loved all the hands-on training and feel very well prepared for being a dental assistant.”
— FR
I haven’t had a better learning experience in my life. All the instructors were so knowledge-able and the course could not have been better organized.”
— DG

The training in a real dental office made all the difference to me. I felt I was getting so much practical experience, even from the first day. Your instructors are super!” — VR