What Do Dentists Look for in a Dental Assistant?

March 19, 2018

DA GraduatesThe dental assistant is the most critical link between the patient and the dentist throughout treatment. So what makes an ideal dental assistant?

Is it all about book and theory or is experience more important?

I can tell you, as someone in charge of hiring assistants for over 20 dental practices in Colorado, that experience trumps everything else, every time.

Is classroom time important? Yes.

Are there certain things you can only learn in that setting that will prepare you for a dental assistant position? Most certainly.

But let me be completely honest with you. Most dental assistant training programs leave you totally unprepared to work in a practice. I see it all the time — candidates who have spent years in a classroom setting but who have little to no “real world” experience. We give preference to applicants who have actually spent time DOING what they’re going to do when we hire them.

Dentists want to work with dental assistants who can anticipate the needs of the patient and dentist and act promptly on them. This also helps to maintain patient care and keep the office running efficiently. And the only real way to get to that point is to have real world experience.

Because at Colorado Dental Assisting School:

So let me tell you how we prepare you at Colorado Dental Assisting School, and why it’s a smarter choice than other options.

You’ll get the skills you need to be prepared on DAY ONE of your new job. No other school gives you what you need to succeed in such a short time, works around your schedule, and allows you to keep your current job until you land your first dental assistant position.

Dental Assisting School in Action
  • You’ll train with the latest dental equipment and techniques for over 80 hours.
  • You’ll learn dental terminology, use of modern dental equipment, instruments and up to date laboratory procedures.
  • You’ll learn modern, digital techniques for record keeping and note taking.
  • You’ll work with general dentists and specialists in endodontics, orthodontics, pedodontics, and periodontics to learn specialized knowledge.
  • You’ll receive the necessary, legal Dental Radiology and CPR certifications as required by the State of Colorado for dental assisting.

You can enroll right now and in 10 weeks, you’ll be on your way. Here’s the link: https://coloradodentalassistingschool.com/enroll/

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