You’re Just 10 Weeks Away From Your Career as a Dental Assistant

June 17, 2018

Dental Assistants During TrainingIf you’ve been considering becoming a dental assistant, you’re probably familiar with what you think you have to do to begin your career.

Often, this means considering whether or not to spend years in school, quit your current job to focus on the demands of schooling, and possibly even take on significant debt just to get certified. But, who has the time or patience for this?

Few actually do, but believe that to become a dental assistant, they must.

But, what if you could become a dental assistant in 10 weeks and for less than $4,000? Now, you can.

Less Than 3 Months Separates You and a Career Where You Can Earn Over $47,000 Per Year

If you’ve been working paycheck to paycheck and putting off your career in healthcare because you just aren’t willing or able to take on the debt that accompanies doing so, there’s good news.

So, what’s the good news? With just one, 10-week investment, you can begin your career as a dental assistant.

Currently, top dental assistants enjoy an annual salary of over $47,000 per year, a figure significantly higher than the national average. This means that from the beginning of your career, you can enjoy the job you’re doing all while earning more and accumulating less school-related debt in the process!

Of course, this doesn’t even account for the job stability or other significant benefits most dental assistants enjoy in terms of paid vacation time and healthcare, among others.

Don’t You Think It’s Time You Began Your Career as a Dental Assistant?

When you make the decision to be a dental assistant, you’ll be ready in just over two months to begin working with patients and changing lives on a daily basis.

And, when you choose to pursue your schooling at one of several premier dental assisting schools in Castle Rock, you can get your education for less than $4,000!

Are you tired of waiting for the right time to pursue your career as a dental assistant? If so, the best time to get started is now! Sign up and get on the fast track toward your career, today!

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